Consultation: Physical Intervention & Door Supervision

From 27 September 2016 to 10 February 2017 we ran a public consultation on physical intervention training.

Download our full report (download size: 1,086kb) on the findings of the consultation.

What is physical intervention training?

Physical intervention training covers topics such as how to escort someone out of the premises and disengagement in a violent situation. It is part of the training that door supervisors must undertake in order to qualify for a licence.

What were we consulting on?

We consulted on two points.

  1. How might having a disability affect a person's ability to be a door supervisor? We also wanted to hear your thoughts on whether we should assess the ability to physically intervene of people who want to be door supervisors and if so, how?
  2. Close protection licence holders will be required to undertake physical intervention training in order to work as door supervisors. We wanted your views on a proposal for how we introduce this requirement.

What did we find out?

Point 1

A common comment we heard was that circumstances shape whether and/or how a disabled person can safely fulfil the role of a Door Supervisor. We also heard that there are situations in which skills other than physical intervention are important and in which having these skills could enable a disabled person to be a good door supervisor.

Concerns were raised that the requirement to physically demonstrate physical intervention skills prevents some disabled people from getting a door supervisor licence. However, people generally felt that the current assessment approach balances the need to protect public safety (by ensuring skills are properly assessed) with promoting equality of opportunity. They also felt that the other options had practical and equality issues.

We have therefore decided to keep our current approach. We will be issuing guidance and information to make it more likely that disabled people who can physically demonstrate physical intervention skills are able to obtain a door supervisor qualification.

Point 2

A clear majority of respondents agreed with our proposal on how to require close protection licence holders working as door supervisors to successfully complete physical intervention training. We are now working to implement this requirement and will issue further information when we are able to.