Skills and Qualifications Review

Every five years we review the qualifications required for an SIA licence. We do this to make sure that they stay up to date with changes to the law, technology, and the way people work.

We’re reviewing the qualifications now. Unlike previous reviews, this one will also look at how we might:

  • help the private security industry to create a structure of learning and development beyond what is required by SIA licensing (for example, through apprenticeships and continuing professional development);
  • improve quality assurance in the training process and so combat training malpractice.


We ran two consultation exercises asking for feedback on our draft specifications. The second consultation, which ended on 11 February 2019, reviewed specifications that had been updated in line with feedback we received from 2018's initial consultation.

Initial Consultation

In September 2018 we published new versions of our specifications for learning and qualifications. These documents set out what an individual needs to know and be able to do in their role as a security operative. They form the basis of the qualifications required by SIA licensing.

The new specifications included suggestions made by our expert working groups (advisory panels composed of industry representatives and subject matter experts from awarding organisations).

We asked you to read these documents and then give us your feedback through an online consultation, which closed on 26 October.

Download our findings (download size:387kb)


We asked an independent research company to look at how the work of the private security industry has changed and how it may change in future. They did this by interviewing people who work in security, by hosting group discussions with representatives from security businesses, and by consulting with subject matter experts.