Consortio Security Limited

Contractor Consortio Security Limited
ACS Reference Number COSELISC08
Activities (Sectors) Approved Security Guarding
Key Holding
Expiry Date of Approval 31-Jan-21
Contact Number 8700123999
Postal Address 2 Alder Court
Rennie Hogg Road
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LDN Status Authorised for each activity approved
Additional Conditions of Approval For a period up to and including 19/01/2019, Consortio Security Limited, is required to submit monthly HMRC documentary evidence that demonstrates: Clear and effective management of the payroll; and Month-end and year-end procedures are run within deadlines. Information supplied must include but not limited to compliance with all HMRC guidance including RTI and the Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003 (ITEPA). As a minimum this must include the most recent PAYE statement for the current tax year
Other Services Provided
Licensing Service