Enforcement and Penalties

For SIA regulation to be effective and trusted it is vital that action is taken against those who no longer meet our criteria or who break the law.

We revoke licences where the licensing criteria are no longer met and suspend licences if there is a threat to public safety.

If the law is broken, prosecution is not our preferred option: we aim to encourage compliance with the law in the first instance and will do all we can to help organisations meet their obligations. However, in appropriate cases we have the will and capability to prosecute offenders, and to seek the confiscation of assets that have been obtained as a result of criminal activity.


Enforcement: What to Expect from the SIA

Cover of the ''Enforcement: What to Expect from the SIA' booklet

More information on the SIA's enforcement policy is available in our 'Enforcement: What to Expect from the SIA' booklet (download size: 136kb).



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