EEA Temporary Private Security Workers

Under European Directive 2005/36/EC on Recognition of Professional Qualifications, if you are authorised in one European member state to operate or provide services, you can do so on a temporary basis in another member state without the need to undergo further checks from the state you wish to work in. However, you do need to register with the state you wish to work in.

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This means that if you have a licence to provide private security services in your country, you can use that authority to provide services on a temporary basis within the UK. Where there is no such authority in your country, you can work in the UK on a temporary basis if you can show you have worked in the private security industry in your country for two years in the last ten years. In both cases, you will need to register with the SIA before you can work in the UK.

To be listed on this register, you must complete a declaration form with evidence that you are legally established in your home member state and have no criminal convictions. You must re-register every year using the same form if you wish to continue to work on a temporary basis.

Download the declaration form (download size: 42kb)

We have published a guidance document (download size: 71kb) explaining how to complete the declaration and the supporting documents you need to provide.

The list should be used in conjunction with our Register of Licence Holders.

More about the Register of Licence Holders

Last Name First Name Reference Number Licensable Activity Role Registration Expiry Date EU Licence Number Country of Origin
BRAY PATRICK THOMAS TPOS/BRA/202012/IE003 Vehicle Immobilisation Front line 01 December 2021 NTA/IPA – 02149 Ireland