Mitigation is not invited in all cases. We will not consider any type of mitigation on automatic refusal cases.

Mitigation We Consider

  • Character references that are signed, dated and include a contact number (more detailed information on character references is shown below).
  • Evidence of your rehabilitation since your offence. For example, proof that you have undertaken voluntary training in relation to the original offence or taken part in other community activities.
  • Mitigation concerning any offence(s) on your record which you feel may affect our decision.

We will not normally seek out information about you that may be held by others or organisations we work with (such as the police and local authorities) when considering your mitigation, but if it is offered to us, or we already possess it, we may take both positive and negative factors into consideration.

Character References

Any character references you submit must:

  • Include the name and contact details of the person writing the reference, including a daytime telephone number.
  • Be signed and dated by the referee.
  • Explain the referee's position and type of employment.
  • Describe their relationship to you and length of relationship.
  • Be aware of the specific offences which are relevant to your application.
  • Describe any observations about you around the time of offending, which may have been out of character or details of events that may have influenced your actions.
  • Describe any observations about your character since the offence(s) was / were committed.
  • Describe any evidence of how you have shown rehabilitation since the offence.

Your references will carry more weight if they are from independent and verifiable people who have no vested interest in the licensing decision and are unlikely to be personally affected by our decision, such as previous employers or other people of standing in the community.

References from family, friends and current employers are considered to have vested interest, and therefore carry little weight.

Although we want you to send as many as you can, the number of references you send us will not necessarily affect the decision we make; it is the content of the information that you provide which will be considered.

Information We Won't Consider

Information which will not be considered relevant and will not be considered in the licensing decision includes:

  • Your financial situation.
  • Whether you hold/held a private security industry licence previously under other licensing schemes (e.g. those run by local authorities or police).
  • Whether you hold a firearms licence.
  • Other SIA licensing decisions which you think are similar to your case.
  • Emotional circumstances and arguments other than character references.