Register of Licence Holders

Once a licence has been issued, details about the licence holder are placed on our Register of Licence Holders.

You can search the register by licence number or by a combination of personal information (the name of the licence holder, their role, etc). Where more than one match is found you will need to refine your search before the results can be viewed.

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The register contains the following information:

  • Licence number.
  • First name, last name.
  • Date of birth. You will be able to use this in your search if you know it, but this information will not be shown in the search result.
  • Activity (e.g. door supervision) for which the individual is licensed.
  • Role (front line or non-front line).
  • Licence expiry date.
  • Licence status (active, revoked, suspended, cancelled, replaced).
  • The date the licence status changed. For revoked licences this is the date when the information was uploaded onto the register: it may not be the date when the revocation took effect.
  • Any additional conditions that may have been placed on the licence holder, while those conditions are in force.

The SIA processes personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. Read our privacy policy.